Corkcicle 24 Oz Shatterproof Lid Tumbler

Make Each Day refreshing with Vintage Corkcicle Shatterproof Lid Tumbler 24 Oz, also known as the trendiest tumbler ever. Tumbler by Corkcicle is a triple-insulated, vacuum-sealed design It provides three walls of proprietary insulation and holds 24 oz of your favorite drink. On the other hand, it will not impart flavors or leach chemicals.
Leave your travel mug in your home Tumbler can be made to take on the move, fits in most automobile cup holders and comes with a shatterproof, BPA-free lid using a sliding bit to prevent spilling. Use it for everything from your morning coffee to a day cocktail at home. Crafted from stainless steel with a proprietary triple. The original and The timeless Whether You Would like to make a statement or give off a trendy, modern vibe, there’s something for everyone. From the pool, at the office, in your car, wherever – Tumbler Keeps your favorite drinks icy cold or piping hot for hours.
Corkcicle Tumbler
Staying in the position where you are, walking or dancing can keep you up to date with this Corkcicle Tumbler.
Classic Tumbler

Add this modern Classic Tumbler to a DJ party

Our patented, easy-grip sides guarantee Tumbler stays firmly in your hand.  
Our sip-through lid includes an integrated slider to make sure your drink stays indoors between sips. The detachable silicone gasket offers leak-resistance and effortless cleaning. Corkcicle is the only authorized seller of the product.  Any other sellers aren’t authorized and won’t be warrantied by Corkcicle. 
Staying in the position where you are, walking or dancing can keep you up to date with this Corkcicle Tumbler 24 Oz.
Finally, I would like to say-
I seriously LOVE this Corkcicle Tumbler 24 Oz.  I bought the Corkcicle canteen last year and has been so impressed with it I decided to get my Mom a canteen for Christmas, also added a tumbler when I saw one in a matching color.  I use it all day, every day!  Thus far, I’ve just used it with hot drinks (it IS winter, still), and it will keep the temperature for hours.  With the lid, I have never had a drink cool down past a few degrees from the time which I poured it into the tumbler until the time that I completed it.  The downside to that is you have to be very careful not to put drinks at too high a temperature to start with.   The only thing I don’t like about it is that the lid can be difficult to clean.  I use mine primarily for coffee and herbal teas and it is very difficult to wash under the sliding port on the lid.  I even tried to order a separate lid (just one for coffee, one for other drinks), but could not locate one on the website. 
I am still giving 5 stars, despite this bothersome layout feature, so that should tell you how awesome this thing is!

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