Ember Temperature Control Copper Edition Travel Mug 2


I think we all have a lot of smart things in everyone’s home: lights, phones, thermostats, locks, etc. But one I need to tell, it’s smartest of all of one Ember Copper Mug 10 Oz.

It’s can allow you to set your drink to a specific temperature at a certain time whether you’re at home or on the go. With this Ember Temperature Control Mug Copper which lets you adjust its temperature and track how much caffeine you’re drinking.


Many devices require some level of direction to work. I need to answer the doorbell or have to turn on the lights. For Amazon Echo or Google Home, I need to summon the assistant. But the ember copper coffee or Ember Copper Travel Mug just works. Every single day when I just start my day I used it just like I would have a normal mug—without commend or talking to it or launching to start the device.

Ember has put some useful and user-friendly thought into the design which made the Ceramic Mug unique and easy to handle, and even if it wasn’t equipped with precision temperature control, it would still be an excellent vessel. Despite its name, actually made of stainless steel with a ceramic coating, and it has a comfortable handle with a nice bit of heft, so we find it equally comfortable when picked up like a glass or a mug.

It is nature extends to the rim as well, which feels more like a glass than a mug when you drink from it. In Ember mug, you can find out in different name in market –

1. Ember Copper Mug.
2. Ember Limited Edition Copper Mug.
3. Ember Temperature Control Mug Copper.
4. Ember Copper Travel Mug.   

And Ember Copper Mug 10 Oz did exactly what it was supposed to do every time: keep my coffee & drink hot. That might sound like an overly simple task for a mug with a sky-high price tag, but it could be the smartest purchase you’ll make all year.


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