Contigo Auto Seal Transit Leak Proof Travel Mug


Contigo Auto Seal Transit Leak Proof Travel Mug is featured in the following convincing way :

• Stays hot up to 5 hours
• Stays cold up to 12 hours
• Leak & spill-proof
• Non-slip grip sleeve and bottom pad
• Spout cover lock
• Top-rack dishwasher safe lid; hand wash body
• 100% BPA-free
• 16 oz. a liquid capacity that is really impressive.

Spill-Proof – Auto Seal Technology :
Contigo Auto Seal Transit Travel Mug will be a fabulous experience for those who usually go long for outside activity. Spill-Proof of –Auto Seal -Technology is designed in such a way that assures not to spill even when you are in the car journey. Everyone is abhorred by spilling when it ruins anyone’s favorite dress. So a high technology is applied here to keep moments vivid.
Spill- and leak-proof Rubbermaid 16 Oz Leak Proof  Travel Mug design gives a straight direction to eliminate the possibility of spilling.

THERMALOCK Vacuum Insulation keeps drinks hot and cold respectively more than a person can keep patience to finish his drinks. Contigo Thermalock vacuum insulation is a high tech designed mug that has double-wall vacuum insulation to keep the heat locked inside. Methinks vacuum insulated leak proof travel mug 10$0.0010036 is the best mug that keeps your drink quality as it is up to 7 hours for cold and 12 hours for hot.
CleanGuard lid :
The Clean Guard lid revolves to lock the Auto Seal button lock that is really amazing, relaxing.
The Auto Seal Transit Stainless Steel Mug is indeed a smart choice for its adorable design and spill-free system.

2.easy to clean,
3.stays hot for hours,
4.Non-slip grip sleeve and button pad,
5.spout cover lock

Every point hints that Best Leak Proof Travel Mug is wholly prevented from bad occurrence. Dirt and germs are strictly prohibited that is for sure. Make  Transit a company without hesitation.

The Contigo Limited Lifetime Guarantee Auto Seal transit Stainless Steel Travel Mug has two colors that are eye soothing: Polar White with Gr-eyed jade. It has a protection system that doesn’t allow to interfere with debris and dirt. The cleaning system is also convenient.  This Thermalock double-wall vacuum-insulated mug is structured in such a way that it doesn’t allow heat to go inside or come outside.

Dishwasher Safe Leak-proof Travel Mug is an easy cleaning mug as well as safe as it has a non-slip grip sleeve.

When a thing is at a time smarter and comfortable to use then it becomes favorite and special as Contigo Auto Seal Transit Leak Proof Travel Mug does. So take your one now and enjoy it.

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