Contigo Snap Seal Leak Proof Lid Thermal Coffee Travel Mug


Contigo Snap Seal Travel Mug is a larger-capacity so you do not need to work hard- simply snap the tumbler lid closed so it’s vacuum-packed shut and leak-proof.  when you are done& Enjoy a hot cup of tea or coffee around 7 hours after you poured it together with the best models, as a result of THERMALOCKVACUUM INSULATION.

The Contigo Snap Seal 24oz or Contigo Snap Seal 20oz is shaped like everybody can use easily, All you have to do is simple on the top to drink, It doesn’t have any lid to unscrew or remove-only need to make sure after you’re done need to seal the leak-proof lid. Still, you want it, your coffee stays hot up to 7 hours or chilly around 18hrs.Thanks to all Contigo Coffee Mug for its THERMALOCK vacuum insulation.

Contigo Snap Seal 24 oz or 20 oz Mug Benefits:

Air-Tight Method:
Get through your day stain-free with the Snap Seal.  When you are done, simply close the lid for leak-proof protection anywhere you go.

Long Timekeeping Hot:
Best Coffee Travel Mugs has engineered THERMALOCK vacuum insulation to keep the heat locked inside and its double-wall vacuum insulated coffee mugs setup like that which stays hot up to 7 hours after the first pour.

Can Be Operated with One Hand:
Its easy like, one-handed drinking experience.  All you need to do is easy on the very best to drink!  No lid need to take out or liquefy – just be certain that you snap it shut once you are done.

This Contigo Snap Seal Lid has a top-rack dishwasher safe lid and a hand wash-only body. Your freshly brewed coffee might be quite hot.  Let it cool down with the lid open for a couple of minutes before attaching the lid and heading out the door and keep the hot coffee out of the reach of kids. Contigo Travel Mug lids and stainless steel bodies are top-rack dishwashers safe to get a fast, easy wash. 
After using this Contigo Snap Seal 24 oz I am going to give this mug 5 stars because of the price tag, spill-proof lid, durability and the fact that this cup simply feels awesome in your hand. Moreover, There are a lot of comments about why would anyone want a mug that holds Ice daily and who’s living just like the Joneses.  Well here is my simple clarification. A good deal of time on the lake almost every day at 90+ degree heat and always mix drinks a cup which holds ice like these do mean your pulling less ice out of your cooler to create beverages witch at 3-4 dollars per 10-pound bag adds up to a lot of money purchasing when your purchasing 20 lbs of ice Friday and Saturday to keep your cooler chilly through Sunday night as your always pulling out ice to make beverages. I’ve used a range of mugs and honestly have to mention ContigoSnapseal Travel Mug makes my favorite. I fill the mug with my ice manufacturer and it lasts all day and sometimes to the night mixing beverages with the chilled things in my cooler.  The Contigo Snapseal Travel Mug is really great.


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