Simple Modern Coffee Mug With Handle


Umite Chef food-grade Stainless Steel Insulated Coffee Mug Tumbler is with Handle which gives you a comfortable using facility. 12 oz.Vacuum Tumbler Cup with Lid Insulated Camping Tea Flask can be used for two purposes – Hot & Cold Drinks(Coral). That means it will sure you a perfect temperature. Until had fixed a cup of coffee or a drink cannot realize what is this quality. Over four hours later, when you got back to your desk, coffee was still pleasantly warm.
You will be happy that you purchased this cup, getting more of them. On the other end, after using every day, it still looks like the day you received. Here something special about this product that will amaze you.

Umie Chef Coffee Mug is with insulated drinking mug technology that gives you a perfect temperature.  It will help you keep your temperature as you want warm or cold for several hours. Good temperature retainer, premium quality, and modern design and elegant colors must stop you think, you need it. So value your priority, value your choice.

Made of 18/8 food-grade stainless steel instead of common brittle glass, FDA APPROVED, BPA Free, Lead-Free, easy wash, more durable than other ordinary glasses. OH! Wow, how many qualities a single mug can carry! It has Electro polished inside to ensure the cups remain rust-free and hi-tech manifested here. Its superior luxury design will give you an eye-soothing feeling.  Dents and scratches free superior design is only for fashionable and smart persons like you.

Powder-coated tumbler has its own texture and durability. The sweatproof system keeps your fingers dry and un-frostbit and definitely, it will not let your drink slip down from your hands no matter what you drink.   Long-Lasting Powder coating will not let its color become fade and a variety of elegant and noble look will have stunned you.  The full-loop Triple Grip & non-slippery Handle is comfortable for griping. Its non-sweat insulated coffee cup just is tailored for you if you are an icy beer lover.

Each vacuum insulated tumbler coffee mug has a dust-proof lid and an easy slide opening to access your beverage and keep splashes any time you need. Maximum insulation capability prevails insulated drinking mugs over other such products for its extra sealed and lid cover that it provides. It has a straw hole on the top, happy sipping, and a durable clear lid which leaves scope to see easily how much of drink you have finished.

12 OZ lightweight Fantabulous Multi-colored insulated coffee mug with handle gives a delightful working environment as it refreshes your mind. Though you get the perfect temperature of your Daily Beverages, coffee or tea, it’s the best choice for the smart personality. The denouement of every scene of a party favors or pool or beach, outdoor camping, or for company giveaways or office settings will be special. This exclusive coffee cups can be the best regard for every good friend when you invite them to join the home party.

insulated drinking mugs

The finish is high quality insulated coffee mugs with handles Sealed Compact Size Tumbler has a good lightweight feel and at the same time keeps coffee hot for a couple of hours. Lids are good, don’t feel like a sippy cup and quite tightly and It feels natural to drink out of it. But this one thing will really blow everyone away about this cup – it’s very thin-rimmed, which I like, but it keeps your hot drink HOT for a very long time.

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