Temperature Control Ember Mug: Much More Than a Coffee Mug

What’s the difference between temperature control Ember ceramic mug and Ember copper travel mug?

Through the innovation of science, we can get many products which make our life easier. A good coffee Mug like  Ember Temperature Control Ceramic Mug 2  will keep your drink hot almost 3 hours. It has a longer battery life. On the other hand Ember Temperature Control Mug Copper lets you adjust its temperature and track how much caffeine you’re drinking. This will keep the beverages hot 1.5 hours.

What's the difference between temperature control Ember ceramic mug and Ember copper travel mug

How do I set the temperature on my ember mug?

It allows specific temperature control between 120°F (50°C) and 145°F (62.5°C), covering a full range of preferred hot drinking temperatures. The temperature can be adjusted directly on the mug by turn about the temperature dial or through the mobile or Ember app.
Can you use it without an app?

How do I set the temperature on my ember mug

Yes. It can be used without the app. But when you independently use it you can’t get some facilities like led color identifier, temperature control, changing the brightness of Led light, observing battery life and so on.

Can you wash ember mug?

Warm soapy water or soft sponge can be used for washing. A soft bottle brush can be used for cleaning the inner part of the mug.

How long does the battery last?

Generally, Ember battery life lasts 90 or 80 min without charging.  Battery life may be varying on some factors like pour temperature, weather temperature, and expected temperature.

How long does the battery last

How do I know my ember mug is charging?

when the mug has an empty battery place it on the plugged-in charging coaster. It has a display that contains two lights.when the mug is charging the display indicates the red light and when the battery is fully charged the green light will be displayed.
Ember mug temperature range:
Ember travel mug temperature remains between 120°F (50°C) to145°F (62.5°C). It will keep the beverages at the perfect temperature for up to two hours.

Can I leave my ember mug on the charger?

It has an automatic charging system. When the battery is fully charged, it will shut off automatically. So anyone can leave this on the charger without any doubt.

Will ember heat up cold coffee?

The mug was generally built for the purpose of hot drinking beverages like tea, coffee, or hot liquids. So it is possible to heat up the cold temperatures.

Is the ember travel mug worth it?

Though these types of goods are expensive If you’re a tea, coffee or hot chocolate lover than the  Ember Mug obviously worth the investment. By this, you can specify your drink temperature and can track how much caffeine you drink. It also remains the drinks taste perfect.

Does ember keep drinks cold?

Ember mug can’t keep the drinks cold. But after two hours it can gradually cool a hot liquid.

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